Our Tested Performance

All of our brakes are manufactured to OE specifications and are rigorously quality tested.

SAE J661 establishes a uniform laboratory procedure for securing and reporting the friction and wear characteristics of brake linings.

FMVSS 121 applies to trucks, buses and trailers equipped with air brake systems and establishes performance and equipment requirements. The Technology & Maintenance Council Recommended Practice #628B (T.M.C. RP 628B) provides information for judging the performance of aftermarket brake linings on air-actuated foundation brakes.

SAE J2975 testing and its report with the environmental letter coding per SAE J866 are valuable tools to: determine the level of compliance to state rules and regulations for heavy metals and asbestiform fiber content, compare different friction material formulations, and support the declaration of conformity requirements for vehicle manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, installers, and friction material suppliers.

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Good things come in smaller packages. That’s the idea behind CVC. We’re a medium/heavy duty brake pad manufacturer with outstanding products. Commercial Vehicle Components (CVC) may be a new name to you, but we have years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Because we’re a small company, we’re more nimble. Easier to work with. And extremely responsive to your needs. So you get what you need, when you need it…

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